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Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies - Dana Carvey HBO Special

Dana Carvey's The Master of Disguise

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Saturday Night Live

There has been over twenty-five years of Saturday Night Live on NBC. When I look back, some of the best memories of the show were when I saw Dana Carvey playing his characters and making us laugh. The first section of the multimedia page will focus on SNL live sound clips and video clips featuring Dana Carvey. SNL

Church Lady

Wayne's World on SNL

Tom Brokaw:

"Gerald Ford isn't going to be eaten by wolves."

"Former President Gerald Ford was eaten by wolves. He was delicious."

"Gerald Ford is dead today and I am gay."

"... chopped into little bits by the propeller of a commuter plane."

Bob Dylan:


More Gibberish

Johnny Carson:

"That, that is some weird, wild stuff ..."

((More Multimedia from Saturday Night Live))

Church Lady:

"... lady like position."

"Well, your naked breasts are oiled up nicely."

"Could it be Satan?"

"Despite my demonic urges ..."

"Well, isn't that special."

"Well, isn't that ... extra special."

George Bush:

"Just do it."

"Looks good! It looks good!."

Grumpy Old Man:

"... either burst into flames or lose a limb."

Hans and Franz:

"... this is our actual size. Yeah."

"... pump you up."

The McLaughlin Group:

"... steal my magic bag."

"Wrong! You can't leave..."

Ross Perot:

"Hold it there cracker boy, I'm not finished."

"'Me so horny -- me love you long time."

"'... You can squat on a pit bull, but that don't getcha rhubarb pie."

Wayne's World:

"I'm not worthy ..."

"His short running shorts..."

"What a babe."

Wayne's World Theme.

Here are some sound clips from Critic's Choice that is shown a lot around St. Patrick's Day on Comedy Central. This performance represents one of those times that Dana Carvey was in his element.

The Famous Chopping Broccoli Song.

Ross Perot goes insane.

This is every Neil Young song you've ever heard.

Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies - Dana Carvey HBO Special


Dana Carvey hits the large screen in full force with box-office hit Wayne's World. Dana Carvey will return to the big screen the Summer of 2002 with a starring role in "Master of Disguise".

Wayne's World

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Dana Carvey's The Master of Disguise

Dana Carvey as the Master of Disguise

Wayne's World:

"I think I'm gonna hurl."

"Did you ever find bugs bunny attractive ..."

"Yeah, I definitely smell a pork product of some type."

"Yes and could I please have a jelly doughnut ... raspberry ..."

Wayne's World 2:

"Nice to meet you, Miss Horny ..."

"... I hope I wasn't too much of an animal."

"You didn't tell them about my pubes did you?"

Master of Disguise:

Movie Trailer from

E! News Daily: Master of Disguise (RealVideo) (Windows Media)

Turtle Man Photo Interview

Misc. Dana Carvey
Dana Carvey has appeared on numerous talk shows and made guest appearances on sitcoms and other events. Here are some random clips, wavs, and sound bites.

Dana Carvey's "Conan & Andy Are Here To Stay" song from Late Night with Conan O'Brien (10/31/ 96)

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch clay rendering of Dana Carvey

1992 MTV Music Video Awards

The Dana Carvey Show

The Dana Carvey Show
Dana Carvey created a short-lived sketch comedy show on ABC in 1996. These episodes feature some of the most bizarre writing and performances ever seen for TV. The show also featured some comedic firepower like Steve Carell, Bill Chott, Stephen Colbert, Elon Gold, Heather Morgan, Peggy Shay, and Robert Smigel.

All episodes of The Dana Carvey Show are now on Hulu.


The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show


The Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show


The Mountain Dew Dana Carvey Show


The Diet Mug Root Beer Dana Carvey Show


The Dana Carvey Show


The Szechuan Dynasty Dana Carvey Show


The Dana Carvey Show


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