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SNLJust some of Dana Carvey's characters that he portrayed on NBC's Saturday Night Live now in its 25 season. (Sorry if I missed your favorite.)

Dana's many characters...

Garth Algar, in Wayne's World


George Bush

Garth Algar, in Wayne's World 
Woody Allen 
George Bush 
Johnny Carson 
Ching Change 
Chris, Pat's special someone 
Church Lady 
Lyle Clark, a Toonce's owners 
Grumpy Old Man 
H. Ross Perot 
Regis Philbin 
Dan Quayle 
Buddy Precisely
Hans, in Hans and Franz 
Casey Kasem 
Robin Leach 
John McLaughlin 
George Michael 
Dennis Miller 
Mischu, apprentice of KoKo 
Keith Richards 
One of a Couple of Sammies 
Derek Stevens, Chopping Broccoli 
Jimmy Stewart 
John Travolta 
Lyle Billup, The Effeminate Hetero
Head-wound Harry

"I love to be these people for you!"
Dana Carvey

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SNL Cast PhotoSNL Cast Photo

Dana Carvey Hosts SNLThese are pictures taken from Saturday Night Live where Dana Carvey used his comedic timing and character playing skills to an extreme.

Johnny Carson
Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson can't find his keys and Phil is fed up with Johnny and begins to rant. Johnny finds his keys and taunts Phil. 
Tom Brokaw
"Gerald Ford shot dead today at the senseless age of 83."
George Bush
Dana Carvey portrays George Bush. "Read my lips, NO CHANCE IN HELL!" 
Tom Grodin
Charles Grodin (Dana Carvey) rambles on about O.J. Simpson. Dana does a better impression of Charles than Charles does of himself. 
Ross Perot
Ross Perot (Dana Carvey) is trying to finish with Larry King. "Everybody knows there is nothing better than a female circumcision, but where are we going to get the money?" 
The Church Lady
The church lady has Madonna and O.J. Simpson. She harasses O.J. and calls him O.J. sinner, slicer, and stabber. She keeps calling Madonna a slut and makes a bonnet for her devil baby. "Aaah Slut." is a NotHans web site.
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